August 7, 2012

We the Rope foundation, have returned from our journey to Bo town, Sierra leone, it was a successful workshop with the WAGA vocational Institution: WAGA stands for War affected

girls and adults. The workshop preparation took about two weeks, the workshop it self up to a week:7 days of practical work as well as theory.Our focus was on Eight young women who had experience in tailoring.Our aim was to assist them in creating their own designs in a unique and personal manner considering critical social issues, in this case it could have been poverty, corruption or even War. Most of the women we were dealing with had been part taken in the war or were affected by the violence either sexually or mentally and more.The Rope foundation and its members, Ahmed Nyei, Babatunde Layode, Radieta Alazar and Nneka Egbuna were all present.
A Seminar explaining the concept of Business making and sole proprietorship was held on the third day by the principal of WAGA, Mr Mohmoh and Mr Babatunde Layode for ROPE. the young Ladies showed their interest and willingness to create their own designs and included their business strategy plan whilst creating their Designs. The results were very authentic and original,there were five criteria points that had to be put into consideration during their creative process. i must say it was very emotional and inspiring.We the Rope foundation, provided each participant with a sewing machine and a starter kit.At the end of the program we awarded all participants and the best three women of the eight we were working with were given an extra starter kit to start up their own business or at least begin trying.Mrs Hauwa Komba the founder of WAGA was of great assistance as well as Mrs Elizabeth Yavana who has been also a strong Member and root of the WAGA foundation.The ministry of education and social Welfare were present on the final day of the workshop. On this day there was an exhibition and presentation of the work and designs that were done by the young was a week of enlightenment i must say, We the members of the ROPE foundation are aware that it is just the beginning and that we need as much help and support as possible especially in improving the skills of these women and investing in providing equipment and facilities for the vocational school…i sincerely hope you are inspired by this movement..more information on facebook and AND LIGHT::
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