März 22, 2013

ROPE: collaborated with Music for Goals this Month March 10th 2013. This project is supporting and educating, young people how to interact and learn together regardless of their heritage and origin.The workshop and project focuses on Sports: especially Soccer; and how sports just like music can bring people together for one reason which is LOVE without VIOLENCE
The project was and still is supported by local and international Acts and Artist:some of which are :Genda:Liberia, Nomfusi; South Africa, Adraino: Italy and Brasil; Nneka Nigeria and Germany and also includes popular football players.The aim of this event and workshop is to fade racial boundaries and to help remove the mentality of racial segregation within Europe and Africa.The project is an ongoing one and holds every year. A special event is held once a year which offers supportes and fans an insight into the work and context of the Project, basically a breakdown on the work that is being done during the year.We are thankful for all the support the fans and contributors have given: We are here still grabing this rope. looking forward and onward. continue to Grab this rope with us: love and light

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