Colloborating with MAKING OF CHAMPS

November 1, 2017

halima is a young girl from Lagos who helps her mother sell natural herbs, we met her in Obalende in Lagos Nigeria an area close to her mothers Kiosk where she passes by every evening to sell what we call AGBO.these are local african and ancient herbs that help to cure all types of diseases , back pain, headaches and more

I saw Halima pass by a few times and i always thought she seemed very quick ambitious and also mysterious, very strong but she was truly always very quiet. i noticed she seemed very fit as she walked alot,in  good shape and so i asked her if she ever did any form of sports and she said all she did was go to school and in the evening help her mother distribute the Agbo which would require her working and walking for a long period.

And so i took some time to talk to her and ask more about her family,she told me alot, it is evident that her mother is doing all she can do give halima and her siblings good education and a happy home but the funds are just not enough.i thought i could i assist this young girl and not just throw money at her. I reflect i get in touch with a friend over a couple of weeks who works with his NGO “making of champs” that helps young teenagers get off the street by involving them in different sport activities including Running, high and low jump and more.And at present they are working together with former olympic athletes and medalist out of Nigeria who have dedicated their time to help the youth be more involved in sports especially at this time where not many kids are using their bodies physically due to the technological evolution, spending time on social media and facebook etc.Ia sked halima if she would be interested her eyes lit up, she had her first interview with COACH deji former olympic gold medalist in 100m  and immediately he accepted her to be part of the group that is being trained to participate in the upcoming olympics and beyond.So halima goes to school and goes to training four times a week. our major aim now i to support her where we can with her education and also with her new hobby.we shall keep you updated

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