Journey to Freetown, Sierra Leone

Mai 2, 2011
I’m back from my journey to Freetown (Sierra Leone) with a lot to report on. I had the chance to see and do a lot but there is still so much more to do. One of the good news is that I met with some of the students I worked with on my last visit who seemed to make good use of the jump-start we had. Just the little light of hope we created in joint effort helped them spark their interest and motivated them to improve their skills in film and music editing. 

Why am I telling you this?

………..  Well this is just an example of what comes out of a spark. Imagine setting a blaze… That was the goal of my visit and I am sure if we all GRAB THE ROPE and pull in the same direction we can set that blaze.

This time we (Rope) were looking for ways to team up with individuals and groups on the ground, such as the SFI (Sierra Focus International) to launch a new project that sustains itself. This Project, on which we will keep updating you on in the near future, is aiming to supply our sisters and brothers with a basic commodity “KWOLEDGE” to which every child should have the right and access.

I also visited the YDC (Youth Development Centre), a NGO founded and managed by community members, which started schooling programs to which both parent and child can attend after completing their daily duties.
Being able to spend a good length of time in Sierra Leone as well as with the participants of the program we (ROPE) came to the conclusion that to successfully be supportive one would have to understand and accept the daily life of our brothers and sisters and then find a way to supply them with required “KNOWLEDGE” and examples they can identify with.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this report, there is still so much to report on, what I will be doing in the following weeks to come.
Please GRAB THE ROPE and support us spread the word.

Much Love, Blessings & Respect

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