Working Process?

Mai 2, 2011
Since Rope should be an organization that provides a platform for Youths to express themselves mainly by using the tools of Art.  “ROPE” is an acronym for (Reach Out, Organize, Practice, Experience It stands for extending a hand / extending (creating links between young generations) as well as an extending/combining link which sets platforms help in a way that it can be used for self-expression and cultural exchange. In addition it is important for us to document our journey.This is vital for we need to make it known to the world outside what we want to achieve,we want to inspire teachers,parents on how the environment can manipulate the minds of the youth,and what we can do to achieve positive results from the negative experiences and  environmental exploitation. Hence it is  labour of love and we would go about it  in form of a workshop:
(a)    We have chosen a theme and topic for the workshop:
OIL! Your Blessing My Cause  

(b)we would brief the kids and teachers on what we are targeting at.In this case it is change,change by raising awareness through, expression,art:they say in the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

(c)Music,rhyme and paintings  inspired by the theme of the workshop,would be done by pupils with the help of rope members,important is that these kids are triggered to express their own ideas and experience around the theme

(d)brain storm on problems and Solutions

(e)exhibit our works(i am taking an example on the way the whip not child project was done,i considered that a brilliant idea at the civic center in Lagos ikoyi Nigeria).The children present their works and rhymes,music,we invite the press to cover up the achievement. Well, this is not where it ends, this is where it starts

for a start we provide books,colors,paint, toys for the children. We should pay visits occasionally.

most of the children here are disowned and abandoned by their parents.mostly children of very young age between 2 and 10 years of age.